How to defrost gravy

Our mothers, busy every day on several fronts (from work to family, from household commitments to free time) know well what it means to freeze gravy and take it out in due time. A procedure likewise usefulconsequently, is how to defrost il messenger. Because if it is true that by now most of our days are dedicated to commitments away from home, we must consider that as soon as we return to the home a good plate of steaming pasta is the ideal way to end the day in style.

Real cornerstone from the Kitchen mediterraneangravy is a condiment that can take on various forms: classico (fresh tomato and basil), of carneal tunaat olive, at verdure. And many others, not to mention the everlasting tomato saucetomato and bacona condiment for pasta typical of the gastronomic tradition of Amatrice, a small town in the province of Rieti, in Lazio, where quality bacon and pecorino cheese are the key ingredients for the excellent success of the recipe.

Simple in its ingredients but incredible in its genuine essence, the sauce gives dishes a unique flavour: whatever they are spaghetti, rigatoni o bucatini what matters is to taste it in all its character. And if the doubt is how to defrost the sauce in the right way, the answer is ready to arrive!

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