How to defrost meat in an air fryer

Who has never come home late from work and have no idea what to cook for dinner? Know defrost the carne with the Fryer ad aria could be one solution alternative, quick it’s a lot tasty!

Sure, we all know that to get a correct defrosting of the meat it is necessary to proceed by extracting it from the freezer and (always leaving it inside the wrapper) placing it on a plate which we will then place in refrigerator. However, the time required to allow the meat to defrost properly varies from 12 at 24 ore, depending on the size. An operation, the latter, decidedly long but which also allows a homogeneous, safe thawing and above all able to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics of the food.

But how to do if we have urgency, little time available and we want to cook something but the ingredient in question is still frozen? Well, defrost the carne with the air fryer it might be a good option! But you need to do one premise: there are different types of air fryers on the market and, therefore, the temperature eh times related to the thawing some meat they might to vary depending on typology Of Fryer and of power engaged. Furthermore, the defrosting times also depend on the type of cut of meat we want to defrost.

Let’s see together, then, what are all the steps to take!

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