How to defrost pesto

Let’s talk about how to defrost il pesto, a very useful practice in case we have to prepare a last minute lunch or dinner in a short time. Freezing food is in fact a very simple and above all intelligent method: in this way we will have Always a disposition all the necessary ingredients and in the kitchen we will avoid waste of any kind.

In the case of pesto, between le numerous properties of this seasoning there is certainly its own ease Of preparation but also the fact that it can be frozen to reuse it whenever we want (or need) to enjoy a first course seasoned with this famous Ligurian sauce. Did you know that the name of this sauce derives from the original preparation method, i.e. the “pounding” from the leaves What about the other ingredients in the mortar?

The recipe of pesto alla genovese would seem to date back to half of the nineteenth century and legend has it that it was conceived in a convent near Genoa, when one of the friars picked up the basil that grew on those hills and decided to grind it in a mortar together with other simple ingredients, thus obtaining the first pesto (which in the following centuries was “perfected”). Yet it is also said that the first pesto in history could originate from aancient Persian sauce which was made up of garlic, oilseeds and a fresh cheese originating from the Dead Sea area.

In short, no more talk: let’s go and see the best ways to defrost our delicious pesto!

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