How to defrost porcini mushrooms

I porcini mushroomswith their unmistakable taste, are rightfully the kings of the undergrowth and of autumn: here’s how to defrost porcini mushrooms and how to use them right out of the freezer. There are so many recipes to make, all to be prepared strictly at home and to be combined with numerous first or second courses.

Porcini mushrooms are in fact a delicious autumn side dish and theirs use in the kitchen it is always simple e fast. Perfect to accompany a tasty polenta or any second course of meat or fish, they are also ideal for seasoning pasta (even better if homemade), for filling pizzas and focaccias or for making succulent croutons!

Usually the porcini begin to appear during the month of May and continue until late autumn, with their peak between September and October. However, few know that they exist several varieties of porcini mushrooms, which differ from each other according to the season in which they grew up or of typology Of woods in which they are found (for example oak, pine, beech or chestnut).

Attention, there is one rule valid for any kind of frozen mushroom: must not May proceed to one complete thawing first from the baking. The explanation is very simple: in fact, mushrooms tend to release a lot of water, causing the mushroom to lose its right consistency (in other words, it would become mushy and, once cooked, it could turn into a pulp). Let’s see together, then, how to defrost them to be able to use them at their best in the kitchen!

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