How to defrost spinach

If you are looking for a contour homely simple e quicka real dinner saver to accompany a tasty second course (such as a soft omelette), then know how to defrost The spinach correctly it is a procedure that it is good to know and know how to apply. Yeah, because the spinach frozen foods can be thawed quickly so that they are ready when needed. The next step? Sauté these delicious and tender leaves in a pan, characterized by bitter notes.

Precious allies for those who intend to eat seasonal vegetables (they are also particularly summery in the form of salad fresh), have green leaves rich in mineral salts (from potassium to iron, from magnesium to calcium, from phosphorus to copper), of fibre e antioxidants (lutein, in particular) and of vitamins (A, C, K as well as those of group B), which make this side dish precious both for increasing our immune defenses and for developing effective antioxidants.

Light and flavorful, spinach is at the heart of several recipes: from the side dishes, in fact, to the pasta (for example spaghetti, ricotta and spinach) but also as a succulent mixture of ravioli, in homage to tradition. And again, in the classic and creamy risotto and in the delicious savory pies. But that’s not all: spinach can also be enriched with bechamel, spring onions or perhaps with raisins and a handful of pine nuts. Timeless, then, the canonical version with the simple addition of grated cheese above, to give it that extra impetus.

Attention, however: in order to keep their incredible properties intact as much as possible, the spinach frozen they must be partially thawed before proceeding to cook! Let’s see together how to do it…

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