How to disinfect fruit and vegetables naturally

There are effective natural remedies to remove germs and bacteria from what we eat. Here are our tips for disinfecting fruit and vegetables.

It is now known how important it is to take fresh fruit and vegetables every day, however the problem of disinfect it properly. In fact, if the peel of some vegetables is eliminated, where most of the residues of pesticides and germs lurk, of others every part is consumed, making the disinfection operation even more important.

For this reason today we want to give you some advise (e video advice) to disinfect fruit and vegetables in a natural way with ingredients present in almost all homes.

How to disinfect fruit and vegetables naturally

To clean fruit and vegetables in a natural way, it is not necessary to go to specific chemical products (nor to use dish soap): a little lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda or thetea tree essential oil to have fruit and vegetables disinfected in a natural way.

Disinfected fruit and vegetables
Disinfected fruit and vegetables

Apple cider vinegar

To disinfect fruits and vegetables with apple or white vinegar, simply soak them in one basin of water combined with a few tablespoons of vinegar, rub them and let them rest for about ten minutes. Then, rinse under cold water.

Lemon juice

The procedure is completely analogous to the lemon juicebut it must be considered that sometimes the citrus flavor tends to be transferred to fruit and vegetables, especially in the case of porous peel.


To wash fruit and vegetables with baking soda instead, add a teaspoon of it to a bowl of warm water and leave the vegetables to soak for about twenty minutes. Then proceed to a thorough rinsing.

Tea tree oil

Il tee tree oil it is an essential oil with antiseptic and antibacterial properties, ideal for removing pesticide residues and germs. A few drops in a basin of water are enough to effectively disinfect fruit and vegetables.

The recommendations on fruit and vegetables are followed by those concerning the cleaning of utensils and worktops, which should always be sanitized before being used.

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