How to Freeze Strawberries: The Best Method


Do you want to know how to freeze strawberries at home so that they last longer? This is the best home method so that they keep well and you can enjoy them all year round!

By freezing them, whole or in pieces, you can use them even when it’s not in season. In this post I explain how to do it. It is very simple!

Strawberries (or strawberries, depending on where you live) are great for preparing all kinds of recipes, such as smoothies, pancakes, muffins, and much more.

strawberries on a tray cut into pieces


What happens if the strawberries are frozen?

Fresh strawberries don’t keep very long in the fridge. Freezing them is the best way to preserve them to use in your favorite recipes all year long.

With this step-by-step, I’ll teach you how to freeze strawberries at home to prevent freezer burn or sticking and you end up with a hard-to-use block of strawberries. They will be in the best shape and separated to use them when you need them.

The best way to freeze fresh strawberries

The best method is to place them on a tray with parchment paper and, once frozen, transfer them to a zip bag.

This is the step by step on how to freeze strawberries:

1. Preparation
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

2. Clean and dry
Put the strawberries in a colander or vegetable spinner and rinse under cold water. Transfer the strawberries to a large kitchen towel and pat dry carefully.

strawberries in a colander to wash

3. remove the leaves
Using a paring knife, remove the leaves and green stem from the top of the strawberries.

4. cut into pieces
If you are not freezing the strawberries whole, carefully cut them into quarters or slices.

5. Freeze 1 hour
Spread the strawberries, whole or in pieces, in an even layer on the tray and freeze for 1 hour.

strawberries inside the freezer on a tray

6. Put them in a bag
Store frozen strawberries in a heavy-duty zip-top bag, squeeze out excess air, and seal tightly.

frozen chunky strawberries inside a zip bag

7. Guard
Store the zip bag with the strawberries in the freezer for up to 3 months.

frozen strawberries inside a zip bag

How to freeze whole strawberries?

Freezing whole strawberries is just like freezing them in chunks, but you skip the cutting step. You have to clean them, dry them well and freeze them for 1 hour on the tray before storing them in a zip bag.

How long can strawberries last in the freezer?

With this method, frozen strawberries last up to 3 months. Be sure to use a freezer-safe zip-top bag to prevent the fruit from freezing.

What happens if the strawberry is frozen? Does the texture change?

When we freeze foods, they do not always maintain their original texture. In the case of strawberries, they can get mushy. So that this does not happen, The most important thing is to dry them well before freezing them.. This will also prevent them from sticking together and each strawberry will freeze separately.

Thawed strawberries don’t have exactly the same texture as fresh strawberries, but they keep well enough to be used in fruit salads, muffins, parfaits, and smoothies.

I do not recommend refreezing strawberries that you have already defrosted. This freezing, thawing, and freezing again will cause them to change their texture, become compacted, and more likely to burn from the cold of the freezer.

How do you eat frozen strawberries?

There are so many delicious ways to enjoy frozen strawberries! In some recipes it is necessary to defrost them, while in others it is not. I share some of my favorites:

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