How to fry without odors and eliminate the smell of fried food from home

A little vinegar, apple slices, lemon juice: let’s find out grandma’s best advice for frying without smells and getting rid of the fried smell!

During holidays or special occasions, frying is one of the must-have dishes. However, the bad and persistent smell given off by the oil can discourage the preparation of delicious dishes such as Carnival sweets (which are, in fact, almost all fried). By following a few small tricks, however, you can finally fry without smells at home. As? Simple: with vinegar, lemon or i cloves. In addition to these tricks, we will also see post-frying remedies to eliminate the smell. let’s begin! Follow ours too video tips.

How to fry without odors: 5 tips

– First of all, to fry without odors, try to get into the good habit of always cover the pot with a lid. This will ease the spread of bad smells a bit. If you can, then, try to fry sul cooker closest to the windowwhich would be better left ajar throughout the frying process.

Frying without odors
Frying without odors

– Grandmothers know them all: adding some apple slices in the oil for frying, you will be able to limit the unpleasant smell and also the production of smoke. Next, cut an apple into slices and dip them in cold oil. When it starts to brown, you’ll also know that the oil is hot enough for frying.

– Even the parsley it works as a smoke catalyst: throw a bunch of it in the cold oil and proceed with frying.

– If you are preparing fried food that takes a long time, try to buffer the situation by placing a saucepan with water and white vinegar. It will help kill the smells!
Naturally, however, the smell of vinegar is also strong and – for some – unpleasant. You can then boil water, cloves e Bay leaves.

– Also the lemon it is perfect for eliminating bad smells (even in the case of fried fish). Squeeze the juice from half a lemon in cold oil and then dive the citrus fruit directly into the pot with all the peel. When the oil heats up, the lemon will give a pleasant aroma to the fried food and eliminate the bad smells given off by the oil and the fish.
However, don’t do it May when the oil is hot: it is very dangerous!

How to eliminate the smell of fried food from the kitchen?

After you have finished cooking, on the other hand, you can eliminate the smell of fried food at home thanks to specials spice-based decoctions.

  1. Boil some orange peel in a saucepan and add some cloves towards the end. These two powerful perfumes will destroy the bad smell of fried food and you will find the scented house.
  2. Of course, you do ventilate the room opening the windows and activating the hood.

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