How to get yourself in order after the New Year holidays –

First you need to stop reflecting if you really ate a lot and moved little. The deed is done, what’s the point of worrying? What’s more, we can fix it.

Don’t weigh yourself! It’s useless. If you scored, you will feel it yourself. And to see the extra kilos – only get upset.

A good move is to throw out the leftover New Year’s food (if any). They will not be an eyesore and seduce.

In the matter of returning to normal, drastic steps are inappropriate. Starving yourself after a hearty vacation is a bad tactic. Go back to your normal diet, no frills. Lunch or dinner without a portion of mayonnaise salads is already an achievement.

Slowly reduce the calorie content of meals, include fruits and vegetables, lean meat and seafood, dried fruits and cereals in the diet. Be sure to eat foods containing potassium – nuts and carrots, tomatoes and oatmeal.

And by the way, pay attention to juicy vegetables. We are talking about cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes. The water in them makes us feel full faster.

On holidays we drink a lot – lemonade, alcohol. Plain water is hardly the main drink of New Year’s days. But in vain. Time to catch up and restore balance. Give up soda (and even more so from booze) and drink water.

The end of the holidays is a reason to return to normal sleep patterns. The later we go to bed, the less we sleep, the worse. During sleep, the body produces the hormone cortisol, which normalizes metabolism. This must be remembered and taken into account.

It is very possible that on New Year’s days you did not move much. It’s time to compensate for the lack of mobility. Walk more (regardless of the weather) during the day. If you’re at work, walk, don’t sit all the time. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking around the office while on the phone – use all options.

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