How to learn to play bowling well?

The secrets to improving your bowling skills

Bowling is a fun sport, suitable for people of all ages. Its popularity is due to the fact that it has pretty simple rules and its development is quite intuitive. In addition to this, bowling promotes dialogue and socialization. As with all things, however, the greatest enjoyment is achieved when a certain mastery is achieved. In this article we will offer some useful tips to become more and more proficient in this beautiful game.

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Position and grip

Beginners tend to catch the ball by inserting their thumb, index and middle fingers into the holes. Actually, to have a more stable grip and control we will have to insert into the holes thumb, forefinger and ring finger. The grip should be firm but don’t be overly strongotherwise it will be difficult to maintain control of the ball.

throwing technique

Body position is very important. Prepare by holding the ball at waist height with both hands and your left foot on the center marker (if you’re right-handed). Now as you go forward, swing the ball backwards. With the last step you should find yourself with your left leg forward and bring the ball forward before releasing it. It’s all about making the movement as smooth as possible. Bend your knees slightly before letting go of the ball and gently walk it. Keep it gaze fixed on the central pin until the last moment. Remember that in the moment of the run-up it is not necessary to swing the ball too far back. This will make it easier to maintain control and avoid shoulder injuries.

Choice of ball

Choosing the right ball is another important factor in bowling. The ball should be heavy enough for you to get good speed, but not so heavy that it’s hard to control. Buying a Ball da Bowling tailored will be an excellent choice to make less effort and learn faster.

Analyze your game

One of the best things you can do to improve the way you play is to monitor your progress and make adjustments where necessary. Realize which strokes are causing you the most difficulty, analyze the movement of the body and arms and try to make slight changes to improve the result.

Practice a lot

Just like any other sport, one will be needed in this one too constant and regular practice to see improvements. Find friends who can share your newfound passion and plan a night to go bowling. It’s also a great way to solidify relationships.

Observe other players

Observing other experienced players can be an effective way to learn new techniques and strategies. See how they position themselves on the plate, how they hold the ball and how they throw. You can also ask experienced players or rink staff for recommendations.

What we have provided are some useful guidelines to start having fun with bowling. To learn more complex techniques, to bring home more difficult points, we advise you to watch video tutorials made available by more experienced players.

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