How to prepare a very quick tomato sauce without skins

Typical condiment of the Italian summer, the pomodoro it’s a summer vegetable and incredibly versatile.

Tradition has it that the tomato sauce is prepared in the summer, with a consolidated technique and long realization times. First the tomatoes are washed and cooked in large pots so that they soften and that the peel comes off easily; then it’s time for the vegetable mill, to reduce the vegetable to pulp and remove the larger pieces, directed to the pot for further cooking; finally the bottling phase, the most delicate. In fact, it will be necessary to sterilize each container with boiling water, fill them with tomato sauce, seal them hermetically and ensure that all the air inside comes out, to avoid the creation of potentially harmful bubbles. For this, it will be enough to immerse each bottle in a large pot of boiling water, wrapped and separated from the others thanks to the classic kitchen rags.

Although this is the longest and most recommended method when it comes to creating real preserves to be disposed of during the winter, there are more fast to prepare one tomato sauce just as good and perfect to be prepared immediately

To obtain a very quick tomato pulp without skins, cut the tomatoes in half and grate them on a grater with large holes. You can prepare a sauce or freeze the pulp to always have it at hand!

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