How to preserve fresh pasta: 3 home methods

In the fridge, in the freezer or dried: here are three different ways that answer the question of how to preserve fresh pasta.

It’s always good put your hands in the dough and devote himself to the preparation of those recipes that we usually buy ready-made. We are talking, for example, of fresh homemade pasta, the symbol of the Italian culinary tradition. Although in most cases we prepare and consume it within the same day, we would like to reveal to you how to preserve fresh pasta for a long time. This way you can double or triple the doses and have it available at all times. Let’s see together the three best techniques.

Fresh pasta
Fresh pasta

How to keep fresh pasta in the fridge

The refrigerator is the most immediate conservation technique. As is known, it slows down the development of harmful pathogens and is suitable for storing fresh pasta for 2-3 days. The important thing is that before putting it away it is left to dry on clean tea towels, washed without fabric softener, for a few hours.

Then transfer it to hermetically sealed containers or in frozen plastic bags, preferably reusable. When using it, cook it in the traditional way.

This speech though it does not apply to fresh filled pasta. In fact, the filling tends to moisten the pasta, compromising its conservation. The only way to preserve fresh filled pasta is in the refrigerator blanch it for 1 minute in boiling salted water seasoned with a spoonful of oil, drain and dry on a clean cloth. Then place it well enlarged and without overlapping it on a tray, close hermetically and keep for a couple of days maximum.

Freeze fresh homemade pasta

This technique is undoubtedly the simpler and more versatile, were it for no other reason than that fresh frozen pasta can be kept for up to 6 months. The important thing is to let the pasta dry in the air for a few hours freeze it well spaced on trays. Once hardened, it can be transferred into bags and frozen. When you are going to cook it, dip it still frozen into the water.

Unlike the previous technique, this one is also suitable for filled fresh pasta. Without worrying about letting it air dry, spread it out on a tray and freeze it. Once hardened divide it into pre-portioned bags.

How to dry fresh pasta

The drying technique is the one that allows i longer storage times. Even if some might argue that it’s no longer fresh pasta, it’s still a product of your kitchen and, if it allows us to keep it for a long time, then it’s welcome.

The drying of fresh homemade pasta does not apply to filled pasta. It also requires some day under low humidity conditions. In this sense, the special drying racks for pasta or wire racks in the case of short pasta can help you. Green light also to the dryersto be adjusted according to the size and thickness of the pasta itself.

In short, there are really many ways to preserve fresh artisan pasta and make it last a long time. The choice is yours on what you prefer.

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