How to properly wash strawberries to get rid of pesticides

Do you want to know how to properly wash strawberries to remove pesticides? Today we explain to you how to enjoy one of the without consequences summer fruits more appreciated from adults and children, but also one of the most subjected in contact with pesticides. Numerous analyzes conducted over the years, in fact, advise caution when putting this much-loved fruit to the table.

In fact, strawberries grow in direct contact with the soil which, in many cases, is impregnated with fertilizers which are often chemical in nature. Furthermore, many other fruits (bananas, oranges or melons, for example) are more protected from possible contamination than pesticides thanks to the skin which, water-repellent and thick, does not allow pesticides to penetrate inside the fruit. Not only that: strawberries are often subject to fungal diseases e parasites and it is for this reason that farmers make abundant use of pesticides, which however end up harming both the environment and our health.

What to do then? To avoid taking risks, the ideal solution would be to buy organic strawberries and whose origin is known, but we are well aware that this is not always possible. Therefore it will be of great importance to “disinfect” them in the best way, taking care to eliminate pesticide residues and also kill any parasites and bacteria present on the surface. The usage of only water to wash them, then, non And sufficient: let’s find out together how to wash strawberries correctly!

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