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It’s no secret that the voice plays a huge role in a person’s personal relationships. Its loss leads not only to disruption of communication with other people, but also to disability. Today’s article is devoted to the causes of voice loss, as well as ways to prevent and restore it.


The scientific name for voice loss is dysphonia. Loss of voice or deterioration in its quality occurs as a result of an increase in the volume of the vocal cords. At risk are people whose profession is largely related to the quality of spoken language: singers, radio and TV presenters, teachers, telephone operators, the military, employees of enterprises with increased noise. The cause of dysphonia can be the following factors:

  1. Seasonal. In the cold season, frequent diseases are tonsillitis, colds, bronchitis. As a consequence, the occurrence of laryngitis. Laryngitis leads to inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx. Do not forget that the voice is one of the participants in the ear – throat – nose system. Disease of one of these organs can lead to partial loss of voice. It is worth noting that in autumn or winter, cold wind affects the loss of voice. In summer, dry air can be the cause.
  2. Loud talking or shouting. Overvoltage of the vocal cords leads to a violation of their closure with each other. Prolonged tension of the ligaments leads to their overdrying. It is very common among teachers and employees of “high-profile” enterprises. These people often have to speak long and loudly. The effect is enhanced if the person is under stress. In such a state, a person is prone to sudden changes in the timbre of the voice, which also leads to tension in the ligaments.
  3. environmental factor. The main reason is dust. Dust particles settle on the larynx, which leads to inflammation of the mucous membrane. Routine housekeeping, renovations, a house overlooking a busy freeway are just a few of the reasons for losing your voice. This also includes areas of hazardous production.
  4. Bad habits and malnutrition. Heavy smokers are prone to chronic laryngitis. The special timbre of the voice of smokers is the result of the loss of elasticity of the vocal cords under the influence of nicotine.

Improper nutrition can also lead to irritation of the vocal cords. It is excessively hot or cold food. Also plenty of salt and spices. Alcohol and coffee also adversely affect the ligaments.

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Recovery program

Running dysphonia is extremely dangerous. To restore the voice, it is necessary to adhere to a special diet and drink. Before starting recovery, you need to deal with the cause of the loss of voice.

Important! With a duration of dysphonia for more than 2 weeks, you should abandon self-medication and consult a doctor.

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To restore the vocal cords, you need a light meal with a high protein content. Chicken broths are very good. You also need to add yogurt and milk porridge to the diet. Do not forget about vegetables and fruits. You need to eat sauerkraut, cranberries, lemons and oranges. They are high in vitamin C. Garlic and onions are rich in phytoncides that help kill germs. Vitamin C and phytoncides will help restore the voice with a cold. Soft bread with butter is also useful.

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In order to quickly restore the vocal cords, it is important to drink plenty of fluids. Dryness of the ligaments leads to even more irritation. It is necessary to use warm compotes, herbal tinctures and fruit drinks. The use of warm milk with honey and melted butter has a positive effect.

Do not neglect the infusion of horseradish. The recipe is very simple. It is necessary to grind and pour boiling water over a small horseradish root. Let it brew for an hour. Then strain and add sugar to taste. Consume every hour throughout the day.

Another useful recipe for restoring voice at home is to mix warm milk with carrot juice. The proportion is 1 to 1. Then add a tablespoon of honey. The resulting drink should be consumed every hour during the day, always warm.

It is also believed that drinking warm beer can help in the treatment of the vocal cords. But this method is not suitable for everyone.

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mixed recipe

Mogul is very useful for quick voice restoration. The recipe is very simple. You need to beat the yolk. Pour 2 cups of warm milk, half a glass of orange juice, two tablespoons of honey into the resulting mass. Separately, beat the protein with a teaspoon of sugar. Mix both masses together and consume throughout the day.

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Rinse and inhale

Since the ligaments are often prone to inflammation from drying out, gargling with herbal infusions is a very effective method for preventing and treating voice loss. You can use tincture of chamomile, calendula, St. John’s wort. You can infuse herbs individually or together. Do not neglect the juice of potatoes and infusion of onion husks.

All this set of herbs can also be used for inhalation. It is necessary to go through the procedure immediately when brewing herbs. Inhalation over potatoes cooked in uniform helps a lot. When going through the inhalation procedure, it is important to remember about safety. Hot steam should not burn.

Important! In no case should you caress with soda. Soda dries the mucous membrane of the larynx very much.

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A few tips in conclusion

Without a doubt, the vocal cords need to be taken care of. First of all, you need to take care of your health and put an end to bad habits. Restore mental state. You should not break into a cry, the state of mind is an important aspect in violation of voice functions. But talking in a whisper very often leads to overstrain of the ligaments. Be outdoors more often. Create healthy living conditions. It is necessary to ventilate the room more often. Favorable for ligaments air humidification – 60%. A humidifier will help you achieve this. Taking care of yourself is the first rule of disease prevention.

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