How to recover a jam that is too liquid

You can spread it on bread to make breakfast in the morning or for snack in the afternoon, or you can use it as a highlight ingredient for delicious treats homemade tarts. Starting from an assumption: if preparing some jars with your own hands is satisfying, learning how to recover a jam that is too liquid is just as satisfying. Thus, in fact, at the end of cooking you will not find yourself with a too diluted preserve.

It is possible to remain anchored in tradition by preparing the classics peach jamsapples, apricots, strawberriesberries, oranges or figs, or enrich the homemade compote by adding spices and special ingredients such as ginger, the cinnamonchilli pepper or even licorice: everyone can prepare them by themselves, just pay attention to a few precautions and follow, step by step, the simple ones instructions.

In fact, we must remember that we are talking about a preparation that does not require many or refined ingredients (apart from sugar and fruit, which must always be fresh and in season, even better if organic), but requires calm e Attention.

And, in the event of an oversight, there is a way forward to recover one jam too liquid: in fact we are talking about a common mistake, which both the more and the less experienced can make. But the answer to solve the problem exists, and is at hand: follow us!

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