How to recover a raw cake

Imagine having a group of friends for lunch (or dinner) and having carefully prepared a dessert that, at the last minute, didn’t cook well in the oven. As recover a torta raw? Don’t worry because there is a trick in particular that will save conviviality at the table, making sure that no one notices anything and avoiding any waste.

Let’s go back in time. Anyone, expert or not in the kitchen, will have happened at least once to realize, right at the last moment, that the delicious dessert that he was preparing to serve on the table is came male, or that the final result was not the desired one. The first solution is to continue cooking for a few more minutes but the risk, far from unusual, is of get worse the situation.

Fear is no help, least of all in cases like this. With a little fantasia and a pinch of cunning, in fact, knowing how to recover a raw cake it will be possible, without too much difficulty, to remedy the problem. A dessert cooked on the outside and raw on the inside must not be wasted and even if there could be more than one cause (it was done rise too much or the oven used non era Enough heat), there is a way to “fix” it and avoid lunch or dinner with friends or relatives not ending in a triumphant way.

It being understood that one should never eat a cake that has not been cooked properly (in such cases egg e farina carry a high risk of bacteria harmful, with the risk of food poisoning), if the problem is partial, it is necessary to intervene immediately. Here’s a great way to save the whole cake if it’s partially baked.

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