How to recover an advanced pandoro

If you received too many pandoro during the Christmas holidays and you don’t know how to consume them, taking notes on how to recover the leftover pandoro will help you. Yes, because this traditional Italian bread, which is enjoyed above all during the Christmas holidays, tends to be consumed more quickly compared to panettone.

The reason? It is soon said: the Pandoro (a typical Veronese product, characterized by a trunk shape and a pointed star section) is more versatile and can also be savored for its prima breakfast, with milk or with coffee. Of course, after lunches, dinners and toasts typical of holidays at home, it often happens that you enjoy a few slices and then you no longer feel like it.

Well, know that very little is enough to to commute e customize and dolce, perhaps giving us a different, creative dessert, to be enjoyed in moderation but which also satisfies the eye. Recovering leftover pandoro and doing it in an original way represents a trick in this case: those with pandoro are rich and delicious preparations and decline them in sweets facts of layers con crema al mascarpone it can in fact be an excellent solution. Let’s see together how to do it!

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