How to recover crazy whipped cream

There is no doubt that a good cuoco have to keep some secrets to resort to when cooking, because the unexpected is always around the corner. Whether there is a need to integrate an ingredient or solve an unexpected problem, the watchword is always and only one: don’t give up! This is, for example, the case in which we have whipped the cream too much, which “goes crazy” and becomes unsalvageable. Well, how to recover the crazy whipped cream? No problem, the solution exists and is at hand.

Tear up the whipped Cream (a delicate ingredient for many desserts) is equivalent to whipping it for too long. But what exactly happens? Simple: the grasso of which it is made up is separated from serum and it drives the mixture crazy, which becomes not very creamy, not at all homogeneous and even less delicate. Well, here comes the possibility of preparing the homemade butteran excellent trick to resort to in case you have just gone crazy with cream or you have run out of butter…

So let’s see how to do it!

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