How to recover hard bread

Our grandparents were aware of more ways to consume leftovers on the table and, never like today, it is useful for us too to know how to recover il pane stand. Throw it in the wet? Never: there is no justification, even if sometimes it is an unconscious gesture, an almost automatic waste.

Whereas the pane from the large distribution it tends to become stale rather quickly and that it is not always possible to eat even the smallest amount that one has purchased in time, learn how recover il hard bread it’s a lot of gesture simple How much useful to avoid any waste.

Discovering the bread allows you to reuse it in quick recipes e tastysuch as the panzanellatypical dish of the regions of central Italy (Tuscany above all), where the slice is soaked in water and white wine vinegar and then enriched with mixed vegetables: from tomatoes at onionspassing through i cucumbers (variants are countless). If, on the other hand, you want to raise the bar of difficulty, even if only slightly, here are three ways to revive bread and, at the same time, waste as little of it as possible.

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