How to recover the crazy mayonnaise

Delicious to prepare tuna sauce o l’Russian saladto be served at lunch or dinner with family or friends, but also for a tasty and quick meal, spreading it in a fragrant sandwich with hamburger, lettuce, tomato, cheese before going back to the computer to work or to study books. But if it becomes too liquid, how to recover the crazy mayonnaise?

Exist different versions of this accompanying sauce: tastyperhaps adding spices or chopped aromatic herbs at the end of the preparation, but also allo yogurtlighter, or vegan, therefore without eggs. To each his own, but the traditional version of mayonnaise remains particularly popular.

Emulsion of oil, lemon and egg yolk: simple ingredients. We are talking about a culinary evergreen to which, however, we must allocate particular Attention: being a preparation in which the egg are tasted raw, it is good to check that these are really fresh.

Perhaps few know that mayonnaise can go crazy for various reasons: three, in particular, deserve to be mentioned. Excess oil (and the sauce is not whipped vigorously enough, which is why the fatty molecules are too numerous to be distributed evenly among the watery ones), cold yolks (therefore as soon as you take them out of the fridge: the cold circumscribes the action of the surfactants, molecules distinguished by two ends that cling one to the water molecules and the other to those of the oil, acting as a glue), or oil not poured flush (if you don’t add it like this but all together, maybe vigorously, the sauce doesn’t form).

Let’s see together, then, how to recover…!

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