How to recover the cream that does not whip

It is useless to go around it: if the panna does not mount there is certainly a reason and, in most cases, themistake it’s right in procedure. So, how to recover the cream that does not whip? There are numerous factors to take into consideration, from the use of suitable tools to the right attention in respecting temperatures and times.

Usually the index should be pointed against dueguilty” in particular: the whips used to one wrong speed (starting with the lowest pace and then increasing is always the best choice) and a inappropriate temperature used kitchen utensils (they must never be hot, but cold or at room temperature).

Before you get discouraged, therefore, know that most of the time the panna still half disassembled can be restored. A clarification, however, is obligatory: correctly whipping the cream is not entirely easy, because the whole procedure requires some nicetiesthe same ones that must be put in place when it becomes necessary to recover a whipped cream.

Of course, if there really is nothing to do, the suggestion is to decline your “non panna” in another way, for example by changing it into an excellent butter made in casa. Waste in the kitchen must never take over but you can try to recover the cream: let’s see together how!

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