How to recover the disassembled meringue

Very often, in the kitchen, the advice to overcome numerous adversities – for example on how to recover one Meringue disassembled – they are always well received, also and above all by aspiring pastry chefs. Egg whites not whipping properly? If this happens there is a solution, you just need to know it.

And, in this regard, how to recover a disassembled meringue? Used in many culinary preparations, not just confectionery, egg whites provide a frothy and delicate consistency to the preparation, so as to guarantee well-leavened cakes and, why not, super light omelettes.

If the egg whites don’t whip as they should, the reasons can range from wrong choice of the container (those in plastic are the least suitable for storing the whites to be whipped, it is better to opt for containers in steel, aluminium, ceramic or glass) cleaning not effective of instruments per cooked (perhaps greasy, since not thoroughly washed before use).

But the error can also reside in manual aspects, first of all one errata speed (the trick is in fact to switch from a reduced or moderate speed to a higher one, as the egg whites become more consistent). So let’s get into the details…

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