How to stay in shape during the New Year holidays –

If there is a feast ahead, do not change your usual diet.

“I will skip lunch, otherwise I will sit at the festive table full” – we know what this leads to. You sit down at the table hungry and can’t stop. You quickly eat up, but since the evening is long, you continue to grab one or the other out of inertia. The result – overeating, heaviness in the stomach and a feeling of annoyance (they say that I could not restrain myself).

To avoid this, adjust your regimen in time, but do not give up your usual breakfast / lunch. If the feast is at six in the evening, and you are used to having dinner at three, move dinner at least an hour back. You can also eat less than usual – but so as not to get up from the table with a feeling of hunger.

Make it a rule to eat from small plates.

It is not necessary to choose the smallest – especially at a party, where it can look defiant and provoke lengthy discussions. Stop at medium sized plates. And put without a slide.

Eat slowly.

Holidays are long. Where to hurry?

Let your festive lunch/dinner start for you with vegetables and some legumes.

Starting with sandwiches with sausage or sprats is a so-so idea. But vegetables, legumes are a good option: get enough quickly and profitably.

Another recommendation to start a feast is to drink water.

It dulls the hunger. Do not forget about water between servings of alcohol, it will slow down intoxication.

By the way, about alcohol.

If possible, choose low-calorie drinks, such as champagne and dry wines. What to drink is a matter of taste, of course, but remember: vodka, liqueurs, and whiskey contain the most calories. 235 kcal in 100 ml of vodka and 66 kcal in dry wine – you must agree, a noticeable difference.

Drink from thin and long glasses.

So your portions will be smaller. Of course, if your drink is vodka, pouring it into such glasses is rather strange. But champagne (or wine, if you are not a too strict connoisseur of etiquette rules) is just right.

Take breaks between meals.

Don’t rush to try everything. Stop, listen to yourself. Does your hand reach for another bowl of salad because you really want to eat or out of habit? Take a break for twenty minutes. During this time, the brain will understand whether you need to continue eating right now or if you are already full.

Less mayonnaise!

An alternative is low-fat yogurt or home-made mayonnaise (firstly, it is tastier, secondly, from proven products, and thirdly, fat content can be adjusted during the cooking process).

Don’t sit at home all the time.

Yes, the New Year holidays are a great occasion to lie around, watch movies and TV shows, just hang down. But you need to get out into the street – at least in order to fit into clothes in size by the end of the holidays. Physical activity – without it in any way.

Take breaks between meals.

The interval between the last meal of the day and the first of the next day is at least 12 hours. So if you stopped eating at one in the morning, try to have breakfast no earlier than one in the afternoon. You have to let your body digest everything you eat.

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