How to store ginger? The best ways to make it last a long time

How to store ginger to keep its flavor intact and best preserve its beneficial properties? Let’s find out together!

Ginger is one root used not only in the kitchen to flavor dishes, but also in the therapeutic field for the well-being of the organism. On the market it can be found in various formats, from the classic fresh root (the indicated daily consumption is between 10 and 30 grams) at the vegetable counter, in the format in dust in sachet. Depending on how it looks, there are different ways of storing ginger.

Do you ever buy plenty, to forget it and find it all dried up after a while? Sure, maybe it’s not to be thrown away, but to ensure that its principles remain intact and for the product to keep well over time, it must be stored in the right way and place. Let’s see how (and where) to keep ginger at home!

How to store fresh ginger

Did you know that you can freeze? Well yes: the best method to store ginger root is in freezer. In fact, many wonder how to preserve ginger already cut, taken from the fresh root.


Well, the ideal is to obtain some small portionspulp (whole, blended or grated) so you can use only what you need when necessary. You can then, for example, take chunks of it and insert them directly into a blender together with carrot and celery for a super effective detox smoothie.

How long does fresh ginger last? If you use this method and freeze it, you can use it up to 3 months. The advice is to keep it in transparent food bags or in the appropriate ice trays. With this pulp you can make a juice, excellent for digestion and to purify the body and herbal teas by adding water.

How do you store ginger in the refrigerator?

Another method of storing ginger and have it immediately available is to store it in the refrigerator: in general, especially if you plan to consume it in a short time, it is the best place to keep the root. Wrap it inside in a paper bag and keep it towards the middle of the shelf and not at the bottom of the refrigerator. The ideal is to store it in the side compartments to protect it from humidity and jump in temperature.

This way the ginger it will be preserved at least ten days, depending on the size of the root. To keep it fresh for a long time, it is recommended to change the paper every week so that it always stays fresh dry. Otherwise, the humidity would attack the pulp causing the root to rot.

Other methods of storing ginger

• How to store ginger powder? In this case the product is a lot less delicate and there are very few precautions needed. It is recommended to keep it away from sources of heat and humidity and store it in an airtight container or a jar.

• Alternatively, you can make candied ginger following our recipe. Once the sugar is added, the storage time it will stretch significantly!

• If you have the vacuum machineall you have to do is put the ginger root in a bag, remove the air and leave it in a jar in a cool place.

• Another interesting idea is to cut it into small pieces, put it in a jar and cover it with an alcohol (such as vodka) – calculate, however, that the flavor will suffer a little. This way it will keep for several months.

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