How to store onions, fresh or cut

In the kitchen it is important to understand how to store onions for several reasons. In fact, onions can last up to several weeks or even months if stored correctly.

If they are placed in the right conditions and using the right precautions, onions retain their freshness and flavorwhich means they will be tastier and more nutritious when cooked.

We also consider that by storing onions correctly, food waste is reduced and you avoid having to throw away onions that have spoiled or gone bad. Since this vegetable is widely used in the kitchen for a vast number of recipes, it would be a shame to have to throw away in large quantities when it is possible to plan ahead.

There are gods useful tools and accessories for storing onions fresh, just purchased, or cut in part. These are mostly containers, which can be made of different materials, both for the pantry and for the refrigerator.

So how to store onions correctlyfresh or cut?

How to store fresh onions

To store onions well, it is important keep them in a cool, dry and dark place, such as a pantry or closet. In this way, the onions can last up to several weeks.

Also, the onions they should not be stored near food that release moisture, such as potatoes or carrots, as moisture can speed up the breakdown process of onions.

Consequently, given that other ingredients often find a place in the pantry, it can be useful to create one space for fresh onions. You don’t need a huge kitchen, just a little space for them.

In this regard, the i vegetable containers with or without lid, which can be placed in the pantry or in the kitchen. They are made of specific materials for food, so they are not toxic or dangerous, but rather help to keep onions longer.

Il Snips Onion Dish one example: this 2 kg plastic container for onions preserves onions in an airy and dark environment thanks to the holes in the removal door and the side slots.

Snips Onion Holder

The dismissal it is the ideal place for onions, which should be stored away from sources of heat and humidity, such as stoves or sinks, as this could accelerate the degradation process.

But there are also design steel containerswhich can be placed in the kitchen and on sight, even if far from heat sources.

LOFT the QB by CARTER is a container for onion and garlic in matt black galvanized steel and bamboo lid. Perfect for an industrial style kitchen.


Another solution, practical and beautiful to look at, is that of jute bags, a material capable of keeping the onions at the right temperature to avoid sprouts and mould.

KitchenCraft Natural Elements is a jute storage sack for onions with a blackout, breathable lining with a drawstring closure for accessing the contents and storing the sack on a shelf or hanging from a hook.

KitchenCraft Natural Elements Sacco in Iuta

KitchenCraft Natural Elements Sacco in Iuta

If you want to store your onions for a longer period, like a few weeks or even months, that’s possible store them in the refrigeratorpreferably in a vegetable drawer.

If the onions haven’t been chopped yet, you can use an open drawer that fits into the refrigerator, such as theorganizer Diwokertransparent, which in sets of 6 allows you to store vegetables divided by type.

Organizer Frigorifero Diwoker

Organizer Frigorifero Diwoker

How to store chopped onion

The chopped onions should be stored in a airtight container to prevent them from absorbing moisture from the refrigerator. In the case of large quantities of onions, a container with a freshness-preserving lid will suffice.

Navaris it is an airtight container for food with a capacity of 9L which serves precisely to maintain the integrity of the cut vegetables.

Navaris Airtight Container for Food

Navaris Airtight Container for Food

If, on the other hand, little onion is consumed, a valid alternative to preserve it is that of single plastic onion holder. These are containers that have the shape of an onion and where one vegetable is placed at a time. Very practical and useful for those who do not buy a large quantity of onions.

Il Portacipolle di BRICORECHE it has exactly this function, suitable for small and medium-sized onions, it is also useful for storing garlic. It closes with a click and is completely BPA free.

BRICORECHE cipolle container

BRICORECHE cipolle container

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