How to wash broccoli

Autumn is back and, with it, also seasonal vegetables. Today we talk to you then about how to wash broccoli properly, so as to safely eliminate worms and parasites. Considered by some as an inevitable seasonal vegetable, particularly unwelcome to others – especially to the little ones – broccoli (also known as broccoli) is a vegetable belonging to the cruciferous family, which also includes cauliflower, brussel sprouts and cabbage.

Rich in ferro, potassium, soccer, vitamin A, C, E and vitamins of the group B, thanks to their very low calorie intake, they are literally perfect for all those who follow low-calorie diets. In addition to the precious acid folicextremely important for the nervous system and brain, broccoli also contain numerous antioxidants which counteract the effects of free radicals and reduce any inflammation. They also contribute to intestinal regularity thanks to the high presence of fibers (useful, moreover, also to offer a greater sense of satiety).

Before you cook them or eat them raw, though, make sure you clean them con extreme care to remove dirt, residues of any chemical substances o insects. The particularly thick consistency of this vegetable could in fact hide worms, caterpillars or parasites that attacked the plant even after it was harvested. So, let’s find out together how to wash broccoli correctly!

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