How to wash dried tomatoes before putting them in oil

Know how to wash i dry tomatoes before putting them in oil it can come in handy if, during the autumn, we are attacked by a breath of nostalgia for the summer holiday that has just ended: in such cases it could be enough to open the dismissal in the kitchen and savor this again gastronomic speciality of southern Italy (always to be kept in a cool, dry place, away from the light) and return in mind and taste to those enchanted places.

A true symbol of the authenticity and truthfulness of Puglia on the table, dried tomatoes represent the perfect example of how, years ago, the rural civilization of this area worked to be able to consume a series of seasonal products even outside the canonical periods of availability of the same. Already because, once dried, the tomatoes are blanched inside water e vinegar of white wine. At that point they can be closed in sterilized glass jars by adding extra virgin olive oil, parsley e garlic.

Often, however, one wonders how to wash dried tomatoes before putting them in oil. So, to make them come to and prevent them from losing their properties (besides being particularly rich in antioxidants they are also an excellent source of lycopene and vitamin C), it is good to clarify this issue: let’s go and see!

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