How to wash strawberries while pregnant

A far from trivial question it is how to wash the strawberries in pregnancy. In fact, it must be considered that if this fruit is not washed with particular care (lacking, as is evident, both peel and protective shell), for the woman who is experiencing one of the most beautiful moments of her life there is the danger Of infection and toxoplasmosis.

It is a pathology caused by the ingestion of a microorganism (“Toxoplasma gondii”), capable of being transmitted to humans not only through animals, especially cats, but also through food. A parasite which, in pregnant women, can pass to the fetus through the placenta and cause a series of problems of no small importance.

Of course, strawberries during pregnancy can be eaten and, indeed, they are recommended because they offer many benefits: they contain a lot vitamin Cwhich introduced at the end of the meal allows the body to better assimilate the ferro present in food. Strawberries in pregnancy yes, therefore, as long as you don’t overdo it and that this spring fruit comes washed con molta Attention.

But how to wash strawberries during pregnancy correctly? This fruit should not be washed as soon as it is brought home, nor the day before enjoying it: strawberries must be washed only before eating them and there are two preferable options to do it best. Follow us!

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