How to wash your air fryer

How to wash the air fryer is one of the main problems of all those who use this appliance. Sure, the frying it helps neither the figure nor the cholesterol: this is why they have already been on the market for some years now fryers ad aria. In fact, this type of fryers promises a method Of baking alternative, greet e innovative. The foods cooked with this particular method remain tasty, are prepared in an objectively reduced time and, above all, have a lower amount of fat.

Few people know that, despite the name, to operate the air fryer it serves anyway a little bit of olio. For best results, that’s usually enough just a table spoon: an objectively minimal quantity compared to traditional frying (in fact we are talking about 70-80% less fat).

Compared to a traditional fryer, the air fryer gets very little dirty and cleaning it is never too difficult but it must be done fare Attention: this appliance also requires a proper maintenance e cleaning in order to guarantee maximum efficiency even over the years. The advantage is that, very often, air fryers are equipped with removable baskets and drawers that facilitate these operations.

Remember it degreaser he must not May to be used to clean the air fryer: it could in fact be very aggressive and could damage the parts. Also, the chemical substances contained in it may not be rinsed correctly by the various components, especially the internal ones. So let’s see together how to properly clean an air fryer!

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