I superfood in trend nel 2023

Sani, instagrammable and wanted: what are the Superfood trending in 2023? With superfood we mean a food, often an ingredient, with great nutritional properties and other benefits for our body. Over the past decade, there have been among the food trend numerous superfoods including Goji seedsthe seaweedil ground matcha and various semi e edible roots.

Every year, thanks also to social networks, they appear new trending superfoods and we must learn to distinguish fakes from real “magic” ingredients. Treat yourself with food it is certainly not a gimmick of recent years, the human being has taken care of his body and his mind since he appeared on earth, he avoids certain ingredients in certain periods or in an absolute way and takes others to do good for his person.

How we will eat in 2023 (and in the near future)

The themes of sustainability and the reduction of food waste they are serious and current topics, which will certainly condition our way of eat in 2023 and in the years to come. We will eat better, exercise more and take much better care of our physical and mental health. As always, everything is based on good will and perseverance, but among the trend data there are good prerequisites for these objectives to be more or less achieved by everyone. What will they be the trendiest superfoods for 2023? Surely we will move even more towards a power supply plant-based i.e. based and centered on plants. We will further reduce the consumption of animal proteins and we will see the appearance of edible insectsnew algae, ayurvedic herbs e good fats.

I Superfood del 2023


It’s about a sub-Himalayan plant very rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene and proteins. How to use it? One can add a teaspoon of moringa powder to fruit smoothies to get one smoothie vibrant green that is truly Instagram worthy. Even its root is edible, it can be cut finely and used as an aromatic ingredient.

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds will become increasingly present in our diet daily. Coming from the cannabis sativa plant, they are the perfect addition to salads and soups. What are hemp seeds good for? They are excellent allies of the immune system. They are tasty, flavorful and have a hint of nutty. They are a storehouse of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins that support heart health, brain function and the immune system. Sprinkle the hulled hemp seeds on the porridge based on rolled oats, or add them to post-workout smoothies.

Vegetable protein powder

Powdered vegetable proteins will be a form of food supplementation that athletes will no longer be able to do without in 2023. After intensive training, or to compensate for dietary deficiencies, powdered vegetable proteins become a quick and effective aid: add sunflower seed protein to your burgers for an extra dose of flavor and amino acids.


Another trend coming directly from TikTok and the chlorophyll liquid or chlorophyll water to gain health. This substance, essential for plants, actually also provides various health benefits for our body. It has antioxidant, purifying, antimicrobial properties, it promotes digestion, it is useful for rebalancing the bacterial flora of the intestine, it is rich in vitamins.

Good fats

In 2023 we will fill up with good fats and vegetables: the most attentive to healthy eating have long since included the cocoa butteril coconut butteri nut butters in place or as an alternative to animal fats. 2023 will be the year of definitive customs clearance, to replenish the benefits.

Funghi shitake

I funghi shitake they are rich in beta-glucans, vitamins and amino acids, which can support the immune system by exerting an antiviral, immunostimulating and immunomodulating action. Vitamin D3, in particular, is one of the hottest trending anti-aging nutrients right now. Shiitake powder can be used as a flavor enhancer in raw or cooked dishes.

Ayurvedic herbs

In 2023 we will learn to add Ayurvedic herbs to our diet, with the aim of boosting cognitive functions. Trendy ingredient will be the brahmi: if it was already believed in ancient Ayurvedic medicine that it could “open the door to full knowledge”, today scientific research has revealed its benefits for memory and learning. A “memory-saving” diet rich in foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium, and low in too fatty and processed foods cannot be missing.

Korean food

In 2023, we will eat more Korean food, especially at home. The kimchi, fermented cabbage of the Korean culinary tradition, will become an increasingly present food on our tables. It has a low caloric intake, anticancer properties and is an important source of vitamins A, B, C and K. Also rich in mineral salts, kimchi is excellent to accompany main dishes (it is never lacking on Korean tables and is equivalent of our bread) and to give flavor to other ingredients thanks to its spiciness.

Potato milk

Among the vegetable milks, this year the potato milk. It does not particularly affect sustainability and the potato is an inexpensive ingredient that has fed entire populations for years. The flavor of potato milk is neutral and is the perfect plant-based alternative to cow’s or sheep’s and goat’s milk. Useful for the preparation of desserts but also of savory dishes, thanks to its natural starch, potato milk will allow you to obtain very creamy sauces and preparations suitable for those who are intolerant to gluten and also to lactose.

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