Ice karting in Cervinia: reckless fun on the snow

Go-karting is in itself an exhilarating and liberating experience – driving on ice is the perfect recipe for 15 minutes of pure swashbuckling fun in the snow. If you want a break from the ski slopes, and want to explore a lot more things you still don’t know about the Breuil ski area, theice karting in Cervinia it’s the perfect opportunity.

Go-kart on the snow in Cervinia

The track of ice karting in Cervinia it hosts two circuits on natural ice 500 and 800 meters long. You can rent shiny go-karts to whiz on the icy tracks, juggling curves and straights, and paying great attention not to spin too often. They can be organised group races with your friends or with family members, or practice sessions, starting from a minimum of 15 minutes.

Small racing cars on ice: ice karting in Cervinia


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The go-karts used in Cervinia for snow races are very similar to the traditional ones, with 270 cc four-stroke engines. Usually, they can reach speeds on asphalt between 100 and 150 kilometers per hour. On the snow, on the other hand, the speed is lower, as the vehicle has less grip, but the real challenge is to keep all four wheels pointed in the same direction. Luckily, the Cervinia kart tires are specially designed for snow and ice, and equipped with studs. A little more help!

It is not necessary to have track racing experience: to drive go-karts in Cervinia, all you need is a great desire to have fun and experience the sensation of drifting. The recommended attire is jacket, trousers or overalls, gloves, and snow boots. The approved helmet and balaclava are offered by the operators. The activities take place in total safety: the vehicles are specially prepared for extreme weather conditions, and the track complies with the standards of motorsport circuits.

Driving school for the youngest


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And if you want even the little ones to try their hand at this somewhat reckless activity, you can enroll them in a real “ice karting school” (from 5 years old). There is no better age to learn to drive on the snow, and everything takes place under the careful supervision of professional instructors.

Classes are held every day from 10 to 13 and the instructors communicate with each participant via radio, to give real-time advice on how to use the steering wheel, accelerator and brake.

Also for the driving school the recommended clothing is the classic snow one. The courses also include the insurance coverage and helmet provision safety.

A stone’s throw from the Cervinia Resort


Don’t think, however, that ice karting is just fun, relaxation and light-heartedness: after trying to drive on ice, without any kind of hydraulic or electronic assistance on the steering, you will feel like you have had an intensive weight training session in the gym.

Nothing better than going back to your own Cervinia resort – which, by the way, is located right near the ice karting track – and relax at the main bar, or for a dinner at the Cervino restaurant, which offers a panoramic view of the whole valley thanks to the large windows.

Activities for the little ones Cervinia resorts they are organized in Petit Club Med (from two to four years), Mini Club Med (from four to ten) and Junior Club Med (11-17 years), and include games, creative and group activities, sports and entertainment.

So don’t miss the opportunity to sledging on the snow with a go-kart: it’s fun, it’s good for the body, it’s also educational in some way, and you’ll have your little nest of relaxation just a few steps away Cervinia resorts.

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