Italian cuisine is the best in the world: the TasteAtlas ranking

Over 15,000 dishes from all over the world were voted, but for users of the TasteAtlas guide, Italian cuisine is the best.

Thanks to a comprehensive ranking, which includes a database of over 15,000 dishes and hand-picked ingredients from all over the world and chosen by TasteAtlas users, we can state that Italian cuisine is the best in the world. Our most iconic and representative dishes, from the irresistible pizza to the excellent first courses such as carbonara, risotto, ravioli, gnocchi up to the beloved tiramisu, are a testimony to the supreme quality of Italian cuisine and ingredients. On the podium are Italy, Greece and Spain, which shares third place with sushi from Japan. France? In ninth place, very far from Italy.

Italian cuisine
Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine, the best in the world

Italy is in first place in the ranking of the best cuisines in the world with a total score of 4.72 out of 5. In the historic comparison between the two countries in terms of art, fashion and of course cuisine, Italian cuisine triumphs over French cuisine. Italy, in fact, surpasses France by about eight positions, while the latter is positioned only behind the United States and Turkey. There are not many surprises in the top 10 positions: on the podium Italy, Greece and Spain. Immediately after the Japan which beats a little l’Indiaboth countries with well-known specialties outside their own country.

In sixth place is the Mexico, known for its food that is particularly popular in the United States. Seventh and eighth place, ahead of France, are the Turkey and the United States. France has a score of 4.51 as do the United States and Peru.

Minister Lollobrigida’s comment on Italian cuisine

To create this ranking, numerous users of the TasteAtlas gastronomic guide have been chosen, who have selected the best dishes and ingredients worldwide. The minister also congratulates Italy Francesco Lollobrigidawhat up Facebook writes: “Italian cuisine is first in the world also in this ranking of the TasteAtlas portal. For us, this primacy has always been a certainty, but it can only please us with yet another confirmation of how our traditional dishes are considered symbols of very high quality“.

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