Japanese gari recipe

With a fresh and heady taste, marinated ginger is one of the most common accompaniments to sushi together with wasabi. Let’s find out what it is and how to do it!

Marinated ginger is a typical preparation of southeast asian he was born in Japan. To prepare it, you need to marinate the root in a solution of vinegar, water and sugar. Also known as “car” (the Japanese name) is commonly served alongside the sushi and this is why its fame has reached its highest levels in recent years following the rapid diffusion of Japanese cuisine in the West.

We are used to seeing it by Pink color, but it is the result of an additive dye. The recipe for marinated ginger or gari is not difficult to make, however, some attention must be paid to it very important steps. Furthermore, the rest times are very long (8/12 hours).

Marinated ginger or gari
Marinated ginger or gari

How to make marinated ginger

  1. Start peeling ginger and cutting it into thin slices. Salt it, immerse it in a container full of water and leave it to soak for time rest of at least 8 hours (if you can, wait even 12 hours).
  2. After waiting the necessary time, take a saucepan, heat it and let’s go blanch ginger for 1 minute. After that, you will have to rinse it under running water.
  3. At this point, scald it again for another minute and leave it to rest in a colander.
  4. Meanwhile, take a saucepan and pour inside water, vinegar, sugar and salt. Turn on the stove and when the sugar is completely dissolved you can turn off the heat.
  5. After disinfecting an airtight jar (do it according to the indications of the Ministry of Health), put the ginger inside and pour the hot liquid over it. Pour so that all the pieces of ginger are immersed in this kind of syrup.
  6. At this point, close the jar, turn it over and leave it upside down until it has completely cooled down. Here is the marinated ginger ready!


We recommend keeping the marinated ginger in the fridge, covered with the preparation liquid, for maximum 2-3 weeks.

The properties and benefits of marinated ginger

Especially used in the Asian cuisineginger is now also very popular in West and you can easily find it, as well as in large supermarkets, also in fruit and vegetable markets. The uses of ginger are truly endless: from first courses to second courses, up to desserts.

This plant originally from Asia is grown mostly in tropical countries; the edible part is that of root which can be found dried (to be grated or added to thin slices in heady herbal teas) or already grated. Furthermore, in the Asian tradition, powdered ginger is the basis of curry.

Ginger stimulates the metabolism and regularize them digestive functionscontrast theaerophagia and the feeling of nausea; it helps to strengthen the immune system and is beneficial in the first flu states. In ancient times it was consumed with sushi because it was believed that its antibiotic properties were able to fight possible infections from contaminated fish: a theory that has now been largely discredited.

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