Jeremy Chan: the unique dishes of the chef with two Michelin Stars

Despite his young age Jeremy Chan has already become the absolute protagonist of the world culinary scene, thanks to dishes able to amaze critics and customers. His ristorante Ikoyiin the heart of London, is considered a must for lovers of good food who pass through the capital of the United Kingdom and conquers new successes. Il menu offers a unique mix of flavors and reflects the versatility of the chef.

Who is Chef Jeremy Chan?

Before becoming the icon of spectacular cuisine, made up of surprising dishes, chef Jeremy Chan devoted himself to other passions. Born in 1987 in Northern England, thanks to his Chinese father and Canadian mother he lived between Hong Kong, Canada and the United Kingdom, starting to develop the spirit cosmopolitan which distinguishes it. After graduating from Languages ​​and Philosophy in Princeton he moved into Spain where he worked for years in the financial sector. Only at that point the passion for kitchen it changed his life. Chan thus made the mess tin with models such as Rene Redzepi, Ashley Palmer Watts and Heston Blumenthal, then in 2017 he opened, together with his friend Iré Hassan-Odukale, the restaurant Ikoyi who has already got two Place Michelin.

Ikoyi restaurant

Ikoyi restaurant is now considered a temple of world cuisine, where you can taste original dishes. The place was born to catapult diners into aatmosphere unique and the exchange of location, which took place in December 2022, amplifies this will. The environment, designed by the famous architect David Thulstrup, proposes an open kitchen, a large dining room, and an alternative room private for 6 people offering a more direct interaction with the chef. The welcome remains as professional as it is informal and recalls more the climate of bistro, than that of the restaurant. The staff emphasizes that the cuisine is based on spices and is built around the micro-seasonality British. The use of raw materials unusual is central, as is the place reserved for ingredients fromWest Africa.

Chef Jeremy Chan’s dishes

What made Jeremy Chan famous were his dishes with unique characteristics. The chef considers theaesthetics and the showmanship an integral part of the recipes. The menu changes according to seasonality of the products and includes proposals daily always different. Direct contact with the providers remains a priority for the brigade and both the fish and the meat come from a supply chain as much as possible sustainable.

However, the famous dish with the protagonist is the workhorse plane tree. Served in the form of crescents fries this comes covered of smoked pepper or sprinkled with raspberry salt with citrus emulsion. Another well-known recipe is that of riso Jollof, spicy tribute to Nigeria. This is usually prepared with sheep meat and crab creambut in other cases it is served with beef and vegetables.

Jeremy Chan’s dishes embody a very peculiar idea of ​​cooking. The chef has repeatedly stated that the restaurant is like a restaurant for him theaterin which he is unwilling to serve anything that is not memorable. The Ikoyi offers a tasting menu from 300 £ and a smaller version from 180. The restaurant has been placed in the ranking of World’s 50 Best Restaurants Award and aim for new goals.

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