Labels on wine as on cigarettes: the green light from the EU

In Ireland, wine will have labels like on cigarette packets, “It harms health”: Italy’s no.

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Bottles of wine
Bottles of wine

Labels on wine as with cigarettes, what it consists of

A law may require alcohol producers to provide warnings about the health risks associated with alcohol. Some of the phrases which might henceforth be found on labels of wine, beer and other spirits and liqueurs in Ireland are as follows: “Alcohol consumption causes liver disease” e “alcohol and deadly cancers are directly linked”. The European Commission gave the green light to the law after it was announced in Dublin in December 2022.

Wine labels: the no of European countries

This new law seems to have provoked negative reactions from some European countries, including Italy, France and Spain. Together with the other six members of the United States, they expressed strong opposition in the consultation. The charge to this law is to provide “a dangerous barrier to the internal market”.

Ireland considers high consumption of alcoholic beverages a national health emergency which justifies the creation of guidelines. These should include the following information: A warning about the dangers of alcohol consumption and its direct relationship to deadly cancers. In addition to this, there must also be a link to a site that deals with alcohol and health.

The concern concerns the risk of demonizing the consumption of wine, which, if moderate and of high quality, would not present the risks indicated on the warning labels. Italy is one of the leading countries in wine production and this new law could damage a large part of our market. The president of Coldiretti spoke on the matter Ettore Prandini. These are his words: “The alarmist labels on wine are a direct attack on Italy, the world’s leading producer and exporter with over 14 billion in turnover, more than half of which abroad. This is legislation that would jeopardize a supply chain which in Italy from field to table guarantees 1.3 million jobs, the main item of agri-food exports”.

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