Ladies salad – step by step recipe with photo

Step by step cooking recipe

Prepare chicken fillet and chicken broth.

Dilute 2 tsp of broth in a liter of boiling water.

Put on fire, bring to a boil, lower the chicken fillet and cook for 10 minutes.

Turn off and leave the fillet to cool in the broth.

Cranberries pour 1 tbsp of hot broth from under the fillet.

Cool down.

Cut the cooled chicken, celery stalk and apple into small cubes.

Add half a walnut.

Add mayonnaise, sour cream and strained cranberries.

I have both mayonnaise and sour cream very thick – be guided by your products.

Mix and put on a dish.

I added a handful of finely chopped greens.

We serve immediately.

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