Laurel, here are the properties of the plant

The laurel, scientific name noble laurel it is an aromatic plant of many benefits. Known and used since the dawn of time, it boasts therapeutic properties as an anti-neuralgic, anti-rheumatic and digestive remedy. A good laurel tea purifies the digestive system, promotes digestion and is an excellent natural remedy against i stomach ailments and meteorism. Furthermore, laurel has expectorant properties and is also used in case of fever and cough.

Although today the therapeutic use of the plant is obsolete, it was once widely used for its own healing propertiesas well as food. Today, on the other hand, laurel wonderfully flavors fatty meats and roasts, it is the typical ingredient of many local desserts and the berries are squeezed to prepare excellent liqueurs, but its phytotherapeutic virtues are decidedly less considered than in the past.

Properties of laurel: because it’s good for you

Evergreen typical of the Mediterranean maquis, laurel was once spread practically throughout the peninsula. The leaves are glossy green leathery, the flowers are yellow and the berries are black, but only in the female specimens. The plant was particularly easy to find and therefore also very exploited.

Before being used to flavor desserts and dishes, laurel was mainly used for incredible phytotherapeutic properties. Bay berries and leaves, in fact, contain essential oil, fatty acids, lactones, sesquiterpenes and flavonoids. All these substances are responsible for the excellent properties of the plant for the organism.

How to aid digestion

Is this perhaps thebest known phytotherapeutic use of the laurel. Traditionally it was used to aid digestion, help expel gas in the gastrointestinal tract (carminative properties) and relieve stomach ailments.

For this purpose, the decoction is used, to be drunk even in case of lack of appetite to promote the feeling of hunger (appetizer properties). Works well for stomach pains and bowel cleansing (digestive properties).

The herbal tea is especially recommended for those with fermentation problems such as aerophagia or meteorism.

Laurel against fever and cough

No less known are the expectorant and diaphoretic properties of laurel. Indicated in case of cough to facilitate the elimination of bronchial catarrhis also useful against fever and flu to stimulate sweating.

A good hot herbal tea, or a decoction, based on laurel is what you need to get back on track during seasonal ailments.

A natural anti-inflammatory

From fresh berries make an ointment (external use), known as laurel ointment. It is used in case of rheumatism, arthritis and muscle aches for the anti-inflammatory effect. For this purpose, it is also possible to choose theessential oil.

It is also indicated to facilitate the recovery ofuse of joints after traumatic events, casts, bruises or hematomas.

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