Lenten villager – step by step recipe with photo

Step by step cooking recipe

A simple product of the Russian table – a peasant woman. Today I will cook a lenten villager, because now is the time of Great Lent.

See step by step photos:

Additional Information

The village must be thick. It was served on the table, if at dinner, then before the broth, but for the most part it was served at breakfast. Selyanka was served in a piping-hot frying pan, in which it was cooked. I cooked a villager with the addition of canned corn. Such a villager can be served during Lent with any cooked fish. This is for the days when fish is allowed in Lent. It is delicious. Try it!
“On the most passionate Tuesday, I thought about a village woman with fish. I’m dying, I want a village woman with stellate sturgeon, and that’s all. My husband came from the shop, I went to bed to him and told him about my desire. “What are you, he says, a fool, what days! People now eat little bread, and what are you thinking? Pray, he says, more, everything will pass! “” – N.S. Leskov “Nowhere”

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