Lepizdoriki, a recipe from Ilya Laserson

Step by step cooking recipe

. First make the dough for Lepisdoriki from:

Cottage cheese 500g.

Sugar to taste

Vanilla sugar pinch

Flour 2 tablespoons with a slide

Egg 1 pc.

Let the dough rest for at least 30 minutes.

. Next we do the filling:

Sour cream, Milk 1 teaspoon, Vanilla sugar 1 pinch, Yolk 1 pc., Flour 1 teaspoon, Sugar to taste, mix everything with a whisk and heat to 70 degrees.

. See the video for the formation. Roll out the dough into two bundles, cut into portions. “Lepizdoriki” are obtained high.

. Lightly fry Lepizdoriki in a pan with butter and sunflower oil.

. We heat the oven to 190 degrees with convection, put the Lepizdoriki filled with filling into the oven, bring to the formation of a small crust. I had 12 minutes.

Video recipe


Additional Information

I did not put sugar, only 1 bag of vanilla sugar in the dough. My husband likes it more than simple cheesecakes.

They come out very soft.

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