Light recipes for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day means: love, passion… but also chocolate, cream, pasta, shellfish! A dinner for two with all the most pampering, aphrodisiac and gluttonous ingredients can also be quite heavy, considering that Christmas has just ended and Carnival is near! We’ll take care of suggesting what to prepare, without sacrificing taste but with an eye to lightness! Shall we start from the breakfast of the most romantic day of the year? Yes, because it would be the perfect time to surprise your other half with a homemade breakfast or a brunch where thepoached egg it can not miss! To continue demonstrating your cooking skills, for dinner we have thought of the octopus: lean meat, stewed cooking and all the taste of fish in a timeless dish without too much fat! A creative and unusual first course? A nice venere rice with shrimps, will make you feel like a master chef! To end the dinner in style (and lightly!) with a Valentine’s Day dessert, a very soft one chocolate water cake no butter!

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