Liter Jelly Pie: Delicious lean (but not required) pastries from a liter of any drink

We need a liter of any tasty liquid.

In this case, we have orange juice.

We divide a liter of juice into 2 parts: pour 600 ml into a ladle.

A 400 ml in a fairly large bowl.

In a bowl where we have 400 ml of juice, add 120 ml of vegetable oil.

And a glass of sugar. Our glass is 250 ml.

Let the sugar now lie at the bottom and slowly dissolve while we work on the other part of the pie.

In the ladle, where we have 600 ml of juice, add 3-4 tbsp. sugar and 4 tbsp. with a large slide of cornstarch.

The amount of sugar can be reduced or increased as desired.

It is better not to replace potato starch.

We put the ladle on medium heat and begin to heat it all up, stirring constantly.

Nothing will visually happen for a very long time.

But you stubbornly continue to stir continuously so that the starch does not settle to the bottom.

First, transparent flakes will appear in the matte jelly, after which it will very quickly become completely transparent and thicken. It should thicken to such a state that it slides off the spoon in pieces, or so.

Take it off the fire and leave it alone.

We turn on the oven so that it warms up to the classic 180 degrees.

If the sugar in the bowl of juice has not yet dissolved, then stir it until it dissolves.

Take another large bowl.

Pour into it 400 g of flour and one bag of baking powder.

One sachet is usually 10 g or 2 teaspoons.

Mix flour with baking powder and add liquid ingredients.

That’s right: liquid into flour, not flour into liquid.

Mix everything thoroughly until there are no lumps left.

At first, again, it will seem that they will not dissolve. Do not worry. They will dissolve quite quickly – just keep stirring the dough persistently.

We take a large baking dish – at least 23 cm in diameter.

Better smooth, round, not curly.

If it is silicone, then the cake should not burn to it.

If it is any other, then we take a piece of parchment with a non-stick coating, crumple it, drown it in water, wring it out, straighten it, shake off or wipe off excess water and cover it with a form.

Pour the dough into the lined form.

We return to our thick jelly, stir it to dissolve the film formed on the surface.

And we distribute the jelly in the center of the dough, leaving a border of several centimeters at the edges.

We set the grate in the oven to the very bottom and bake the cake, respectively, at the lower level.

If you bake it, as usual, at an average level, then there is a very high probability that the dough will remain raw at the junction of the dough and jelly. Therefore, at the lower level.

We bake the cake for 40 minutes. In most cases, this is sufficient.

Sometimes it takes another 10 minutes if you can clearly see on the side of the pie that it is a little undercooked.

The longest time I baked the coffee version of the cake – a whole hour!

After baking, the cake needs to cool completely.

That’s right completely, and not to a warm state, because otherwise the filling will not hold its shape.

And since our filling is made of jelly, the cake will cool for a very long time – several hours.

To speed up the process, you can put it somewhere in the cold.

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