Maheevskaya carrot salad for rabbit

Salad – an alternative to Olivier salad, but without green peas. If you want to put it, then put it in an additional layer.

We cook potatoes, carrots, eggs in advance and the time for preparing the salad will be significantly reduced.

Lettuce in the form of a carrot for the symbol of the coming year of the Rabbit will be made in layers. You need to cook all the products at once. Grate potatoes and carrots. Finely chop the egg. Sausage and pickled cucumber cut into small cubes. I will not add green peas to the salad, but if you wish, you can add an additional layer between the sausage and the egg. To make it convenient to apply a thin mesh of mayonnaise on the layers, I will transfer 2 tbsp into a bag and form a cone out of it, tie the ends and make a very small hole in the “nose” of the cone. In the salad, I will use Maheev mayonnaise with lemon juice.

I like him very much.

1 layer: put the grated potatoes on a plate, forming the shape of a carrot + mayonnaise mesh

2 layer: chopped pickled cucumber + mayonnaise mesh

3 layer: Doctor’s sausage + mayonnaise net (instead of sausage, you can take boiled beef or lean pork, or chicken, or turkey

4 layer: chopped chicken egg + mayonnaise mesh

5 layer: grated carrots

Between the layers in front of the grid of mayonnaise, you can slightly salt and pepper the salad. This is optional. I don’t salt. I have enough salt in my food. We help to form a carrot with our hands and a spoon, carefully creating a shape.

To make the carrot “cheerful” their olives make her eyes, eyebrows and mouth. Greens are placed on top, as it should be with carrots. I use celery leaves. You can also use dill and parsley.

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