Maheevsky salad for Christmas frosts

Beetroot salads perfectly complement both the festive and everyday table.

They are good on frosty winter days, which means they will decorate our Christmas and Epiphany holiday tables.

To reduce the cooking time of the salad, beets need to be baked or boiled in advance, as well as eggs.

Cut the beets into thin strips.

We also cut pickled cucumbers.

We do not chop the egg finely.

We send all the ingredients in one common salad bowl.

Garlic or crush, or rub on a fine grater.

We season with mayonnaise.

I will use Maheev mayonnaise with lemon juice.

We combine the ingredients, pepper to taste, and taste for salt.

I don’t salt this salad.

I have enough salt in it from cucumbers and mayonnaise.

I will serve the salad festively in bowls to each individually.

Lay out the salad.

Leave one walnut in whole halves, finely chop the other.

Sprinkle the salad with nuts and send the whole halves to the center.

Well, to make the salad completely festive, sprinkle it with shavings of good cheese.

I’ll take Parmesan.

We serve.

This is a very tasty salad!

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