Meat balls with stuffing – step by step recipe with photo

Step by step cooking recipe

1. I remove the bone from the chicken steak, cut off the skin, beat it off, salt on both sides.

2. I cut the champignons arbitrarily, onion in half rings, fry in vegetable oil until cooked, at the end I salt to taste.

3. I cut the sweet pepper into cubes, rub the mozzarella and cheddar on a fine grater.

4. For the filling: in a deep bowl, mix the fried mushrooms, peppers, mozzarella, chopped pineapple.

5. I put a piece of chopped fillet in a cup, fill it with stuffing, close the edges.

6. I cover the baking dish with parchment, turn the cup over.

7. For lubrication: I mix the egg with mayonnaise and finely chopped dill.

8. Lubricate the meatballs and sprinkle liberally on top with cheddar cheese. I send it to the oven preheated to 180C for 35 minutes.

Video recipe

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