Meat in orange-mustard sauce with potato garnish

Prepare all ingredients.

Peel the garlic and pass through a press.


In orange juice, add honey, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, paprika, black pepper, dried or fresh garlic, passed through a press, while stirring.

Mix well and leave for 7-10 minutes.

Stuff the meat with half of the garlic, soak in the sauce and wrap with twine or a shaping net to give an even shape after baking.

Marinate the meat in the sauce in a baking dish, covering with a film for 2-8 hours.

Send the meat on a baking sheet under foil to a preheated oven at 200C for a time of 60 minutes.

Focus on your oven.

Remove the foil and continue baking for another 5-8 minutes.


In the heated vegetable oil, put the cut across the head of garlic cut into the oil.

When a bright aroma of garlic appears, add chopped potatoes to a container with oil.

After 5-7 minutes, remove the garlic and return it back to the potatoes 5 minutes before readiness, previously removed from the garlic peel.

When ready, drain the oil and add coarse salt and finely chopped dill to taste.

Garnish is ready.

Put a couple of pieces of meat in a dish with potatoes, pouring over it with the sauce remaining after baking, passing it through a sieve.

Bon appetit!

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