Meat with tomatoes and onions in the oven recipe with photo step by step

You can use any other meat besides pork in this dish. Keep in mind that the cooking time, as well as the taste and calorie content of the dish will change. For example, beef takes longer to cook than pork, and chicken or turkey take less time to cook.

Since the degree of salinity, sweetness, bitterness, sharpness, acidity, pungency is individual for each, always add spices, spices and seasonings, focusing on your taste! If you are adding any of the seasonings for the first time, then keep in mind that there are spices that are especially important not to shift (for example, chili pepper).

Keep in mind that every oven is different. The temperature and cooking time may differ from those indicated in the recipe. To make any baked dish successful, use the useful information about the features of the ovens!

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