Michelin 2023 green stars: here are the new 19 Italian four-leaf clovers

I am well 49 the green stars assigned to Italian restaurants by 68th edition of the Michelin guide. For the second time from the frame of the hills of Franciacortathe event recognized particular merits to those restaurants not only starred, but with particular attention to the theme of environmental sustainability. This is the third year in which the guide awards recognition to the “greenest” restaurants. In the debut edition of the 2021 restaurants judged deserving of green stars had been 13in the edition 2022 they had gone up to 30. The edition 2023 saw it add well 19 stars to the list.

What are the “green stars” of the Michelin Guide

First introduced in 2020, the place verdi Michelin they are an additional recognition that is assigned to those restaurants considered particularly attentive to the issue of environmental sustainability. Various aspects are taken into consideration for the assignment: from the selection of providersto the choice of ingredients at zero kilometre, to the commitments to reduce wasteuntil the use of recyclable materialsto the reduction ofenvironmental impact of the restaurant and still paying attention to projects of interest energetic e social. However, there are no fixed criteria for awarding the green star which remains at the complete discretion of the inspectors Michelin.

The Green Stars of the 2023 Michelin Guide

Of the 49 Michelin Green Stars 2023 in our peninsula, well 32 are found in Nord, 10 al center he is alone 7 al Sud. Almost all Italian regions are represented except Val d’Aosta, Umbria, Molise and Basilicata. The most starry regions in green are Lombardy e Veneto with 8 stars each. Particular attention for the assignment of the 2023 green stars was dedicated to those restaurants capable of managing it in the best possible way wastepay attention to the topic of platic-free and reuse or recovery of food as well as investments in sustainability for the production of clean electricity or technologies intended for water-energy saving.

The 19 new Michelin green stars in 2023

Here they are new green stars who enter the Michelin galaxy compared to 2022 and the reasons for their entry according to the guide:

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