Monini celebrates the millers of Italy

There are those who have been carrying on the family art for generations and those who have chosen to build their own future route, those who invest in a segmented offer and those who focus on the excellence of a single product variety, those who move furrow of tradition and those who are more inclined to experiment. Different backgrounds, faces and stories, but only one common denominator: the love for oil which translates into passion for one’s work and the search for constant qualitative evolution.

This is precisely the meaning of Zefferino d’Oro, valorisation of the work of the millers of Italy, producers of Italian extra virgin olive oil for Monini products. A quality recognition which takes its name from the founder – Zefferino Monini, grandfather of the current management – ​​of a company that has made pursuit of quality and constant improvement has been its distinctive feature, since its origins.

A celebratory occasion – the first promoted by a large oil company – which also represents the formalization of a path undertaken by a sector leader in favor of a transparent olive system and guarantor towards consumers, but also capable of protecting those who, like olive growers and oil millers, find themselves increasingly crushed between climatic emergencies and economic contingencies.

Despite the year complicated by an unfavorable climatic trend (summer too dry and excess humidity in the harvest period), the participation of the millers was unanimous: in fact, all the producers who, from the most suitable regions of Italy, confer to Monini 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, from which one of Monini’s best and most traditional products comes to life: GranFruttato.

More than half of the millers have been working with Monini for more than 10 years, the remaining percentage even for 15/20/30 years. Numbers that denote the transparency and seriousness with which the Umbrian company operates along the supply chain, starting with precision in logistics and timely payments to suppliers.

The best of the millers will be the protagonists of a celebratory event which will take place at Spoleto in May 2023during which they will receive symbolic recognition from the Monini family for their activity: lo Zefferino d’Oroa “Gold Tin” that recalls the first original tin with which Monini extra virgin olive oil began its journey from Spoleto around the world.

How a Monini extra virgin is born

With the exception of the Monocultivar Line, all Monini extra virgin olive oils, including the GranFruttato – bottle of the Selezione Italiana line, which over the years has received numerous awards and which comes from the combination of oils of different intensities and fragrances selected for the Zefferino d’Oro – take life from the mastery in the blending of different extra virgin olive oils.

To give life to the blends, every year and for each extra virgin, the aromatic characteristics are identified and quantified in various attributes and notes, noting even the smallest nuances, as proof of how making oil is still largely the result of a artisan work, based on a deep knowledge of the product and on personal talent/taste. In short, the recipes are not made on paper, but recreated by hand every year based on the expressions of fragrances that characterize each Monini product.

Each oil has a series of characteristic aromas which depend on the type of cultivar, the harvest, the pressing and obviously the climate.

Therefore, during each olive-oil campaign, among the best evos, those that possess the most varied and clearest aromatic attributes are carefully evaluated and among these, the most valid are selected, i.e. those possessing not only the aforementioned distinctive elements, but also they turn out to be the most “complex” and “harmonic-balanced”.

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