Mozzarella in carrozza in an air fryer, with light frying

We prepare the mozzarella in carrozza in an air fryer, for a second fried but light dish with a stringy filling.

Mozzarella in carrozza is a well-known typical Italian product. Prepared far and wide, for several generations, they are a delicious and easy to make second course. With this practical method, bringing them to the table is even easier. The recipe remains the same: two slices of sandwich bread enclose a filling of mozzarella and cooked ham and are coated with breadcrumbs and egg. In this appliance, however, frying is much lighter. So, the mozzarella in carrozza in the air fryer are not very greasy and extremely crunchy on the outside.

Mozzarella in carrozza in an air fryer
Mozzarella in carrozza in an air fryer

Preparing the recipe for mozzarella in carrozza in an air fryer

  1. To begin, cut the mozzarella sliced and, if there is too much liquid, let it drain a little.
  2. Put the egg in a bowl, add a pinch of salt and bang it with a fork.
  3. Pour the flour into another bowl and the breadcrumbs into yet another.
  4. Before moving on to the composition, put a sheet of perforated parchment paper in the fryer basket.
  5. Take two slices of bread and pass them one at a time in the flour; between the two slices positioned one of mozzarella and one of cooked ham.
  6. Pass all (holding it tight) in the beaten egg and then in the breadcrumbs. Press to compact the breading well.
  7. Once done, put the product in the basket.
  8. Proceed in this way until all the ingredients are used up. Arrange the mozzarella in the carriage distant from each other.
  9. Brush a little seed oil on the surface of each piece.
  10. Let it cook at 200°C for 10 minutes (time may vary according to the model of the appliance).
  11. After cooking, let it cool down and serve.

And here is the classic version of mozzarella in a carriage!


The mozzarella in carrozza made in an air fryer are light and delicious, good to taste with little fat. You can save them for maximum 1 dayin a container.

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