• PAN
  • butter/oil
  • queso

Preparation of the recipe for HOMEMADE MOZZARELLA STICKS

1. Prepare the necessary ingredients and implements for the recipe; chopped bread, cheese, oil, or butter a kitchen roll, and a frying pan.
2. Cut the edges of a slice of bread.
3. Flatten the slice of bread with a rolling pin gently to the desired size.
4. In half of the bread, place the cheese (you can also place all kinds of ingredients such as Nutella, ham, etc.).
5. Preheat the pan with a little butter or oil according to preference.
6. With a very hot frying pan, fry the stick for only 20 seconds on each side.
7. Plate and enjoy delicious restaurant-quality mozzarella sticks with quick and simple ingredients.


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